Governance/Board of Directors 

Brittany Ayton

Brittany joined Haiti Beekeepers Society in 2020 after admiring its grassroots journey for a number of years. She brings with her 6 years of non-profit experience both as a previous staff member and an active executive board member at Music BC. Brittany is also a new beekeeper and regenerative farmer in her second year at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Farm School.

Samy Archille

From a young age, Samy has cared about the well-being of others and is proud to support Haiti Beekeepers in this important work.

In 2010, after an earthquake devastated Port au Prince, Samy worked with Feed The Hungry to deliver critical aid to its victims.

Sadly, the State University he was attending collapsed during the earthquake. The University of Winnipeg stepped in to offer a scholarship to continue his studies and earn his BBA. After completing the BBA Samy commenced a BA program in translation. He now works in the insurance industry as a Business Partner.

Samy brings essential translation and interpretation skills to the Haiti Beekeepers leadership team. Samy joined Haiti Beekeepers Society’s board in 2020 as VP.

Samy’s passionate about sports, loves reading, and having fun with his family.

Bonnie Walker

Bonnie officially joined Haiti Beekeepers Society in 2020 as a nonprofit consultant and member of the board in 2022. Bonnie comes to Haiti Beekeepers Society with a degree in Global Stewardship from Capilano University, 8 years of professional experience in nonprofit development and 6 years of volunteer and internship experience prior.

As a longtime supporter, Bonnie followed Haiti Beekeeper’s work since their first trip across the globe, and it has been a steadfast source of inspiration for her own rewarding career.

In her free time, Bonnie can usually be found with a cup of tea and her nose in a book, or spending time with her animals at home.

Quinn Macdonald

Quinn joined HBS in 2020. His work with HBS includes supporting the team with policy, strategy, decision making, and corporate governance. Quinn has a strong legal and strategic policy skillset. Outside of work, Quinn is a dad, a husband, and a son. He loves to cook, play music, ride his bike, and spend as much time as possible with his family.

Teresa Allaire 

Teresa joined Haiti Beekeepers Society in 2020. She is an active member of the board, bringing her writing and photography skills to the HBS team. Teresa has had a lifelong interest in food systems that nurture communities, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, making miniatures, and spending time with her dachshund puppy Rigatoni. 


Simon Remond 

Simon began working with David in 2016 and comes to Haiti Beekeepers Society with a degree in economics and accounting. Simon became part of the organization to support impoverished members of local communities through educating in beekeeping and regenerative farming.  

Simon  has 12 years of professional experience as director of micro finance in his community.  Simon has been a beekeeper and regenerative farmer for 7 years. This has become his full-time vocation and successful means of supporting his family.  

Simon lives in Cerca Carvajal with his wife Gillnese and two children, Raymdjy and Wawensdjy. In his free time, he supports the elderly in his community by harvesting and distributing food. He also enjoys reading and spending time with his family.  

Onesias Jobles 

Onesias Jobles, known as Jobles to his friends, was born in 1977 in Apolon, Cerca-Carvajal. He lives in Cerca Carvajal with his wife Wanette Clervil and daughters Nathanaëlle & Shanaïca.

He completed his primary studies in Cerca Carvajal, secondary studies in the Hinche district, and professional studies in Fort-Liberté.   

Jobles has trained in beekeeping since 2017, and is now a professional beekeeper and instructor managing 30 beehives. Thanks to this success, Jobles built his family’s home with proceeds from the beekeeping business.  

Jobles is a skilled metal worker and has a lot of experience in the building trades. In 2022 he managed the construction of our HBS Training Facility Caretaker residence.  

Jobles is passionate about bees and beekeeping, He loves the partnership between bees and people; especially how that partnership can provide a better life for Haitians.  

Nelcie Pierre 

Nelcie resides several kilometers South East of Cerca Carvajal with her Mum Elaine, and sisters Daela, and Phedeline.  

Nelcie officially joined Haiti Beekeepers Society in 2020, after taking part in their 2018 training,  and then again in the 2019 class.  She’s a very successful beekeeper and HBS Certified Instructor.  Nelcie studied  Science in school, and in 2022 she began training in syntropic farming – soon she will be qualified to teach this regenerative farming method in the community.

When not working with HBS, Nelcie runs her own small business through the local market selling many goods including bees, wax, and honey from her beehives. Beyond her own pursuits, Nelcie supports the education and care of several orphaned children in the community.  

Nelcie is a strong advocate for equity, she works hard to empower women and other marginalized groups to succeed in finding their path to self-sufficiency.  

David  Macdonald 

David worked in the Fire Service for 25 years then retired in 2014 to work as a full-time beekeeper and Apiary Inspector for the BC Ministry of Agriculture. He is a certified Bee Master with a deep love for bees and beekeeping.    

Since 1989, David has contributed to the Fire Services’ local and international volunteer projects. In early 2013 he responded, with fellow Fire Fighter Brian Coombs (Richmond Fire) and Gerald Brinson (Toronto Fire), to distribute food to starving people in Haiti.     

David and Brian felt a great need to give something that would empower people and foster independence. They returned to Haiti later in 2013 to assist Bee World Project in the Grand-Anse Province, then travelled North to volunteer in Cerca Carvajal. David and Brian officially launched Hives for Haiti (now Haiti Beekeepers Society) during that trip.      

“Sharing knowledge and resources with the people of Haiti brings life’s greatest rewards”.  David    

Ailsa Rose Macdonald 

After working as an interpreter with Haiti Beekeepers Society, beginning in 2019, Ailsa became Associate Director for the organization in 2020. Ailsa brings French language skills, 4 years of prior volunteer experience with local, Canadian non-profits, and 3 years of beekeeping training under David Macdonald. She is currently working on her accounting degree. 

After seeing the amazing work done by the organization, Ailsa was pleased to join the HBS Canadian team, and help them continue to spread wellbeing in Haiti. 

When not working or in school, Ailsa enjoys a quiet stroll in the woods and baking for friends and family.