Haiti Beekeepers Society began with two Canadian Firefighters, wishing to share their skills to help communities experiencing poverty. Since 2013, HBS has grown into an organization with permanent team members in Canada and Haiti, educating hundreds in sustainable beekeeping and regenerative agriculture.  

David Macdonald and Brian Coombs first visited Haiti in early 2013 as part of an outreach project with their friend and colleague, Gerald Brinson, from the Toronto Fire Department. The spark was lit, and their passion for supporting Haitian communities stayed with them. David and Brian shared not just a workplace, but a love for beekeeping and they would return in just a few months, to assist Bee World Project in the Grand-Anse Province.  

At the completion of that project Brian and David returned to Cerca Carvajal and that’s when the real work started. Brian and David began building relationships with key community members, many of whom have become leaders in the organization today.  

Over the next several years, classes continued and the success of Haiti Beekeepers Society’s students grew and grew. David would return on subsequent trips and two students made the long trip to Canada for intensive instructor training. Between trips, the number of trained beekeepers kept growing.  

As more Haitians were able to supplement their income and enrich the health of the plant life they relied upon, interest swelled and knowledge was organically shared beyond our formal classes. Seeing the success that quality education could provide, Haiti Beekeepers Society’s ultimate goal became clear – that the people we teach could independently use the knowledge we’ve shared to enrich their communities.  

We’re growing a sweeter future, and with your support, the health of Haitian communities is growing every day.