Clark Wilson LLP

Special thanks to Clark Wilson LLP for their exemplary support of Haiti Beekeepers Society. Their support has been essential in the growth and success of our programs!

John Bowyer-Smyth

Web design and development and technical support.

Global Freedom Project

Global Freedom Project is a 501c nonprofit established to help the poor and needy achieve independence. The organization focuses on holistic solutions that meet the true needs of individuals and communities. It wishes that its recipients gain freedom, especially from the organization itself.  Global Freedom Project is currently carrying out this mission by spreading the wisdom of regenerative agroforestry in Haiti.

Also – special thanks to Haiti Beekeepers original founders, Brian Coombs and David Macdonald.

Learn more about how David and Brian first founded the organization.

Brian Coombs  

During his 30-year career in the fire service Brian travelled with other firefighters to Sri Lanka, Thailand, El Salvador and Haiti to participate in humanitarian projects.   

When David suggested the idea of fostering beekeeping in Haiti, Brian quickly jumped on board. He recognized the great potential to help build independence and sustainability with such a simple plan.   

Brian is particularly passionate about development and aid projects that promote long-term economic independence, an approach he helped to make a part of Haiti Beekeepers Society from its inception.

Brian and friends – Port au Prince 2013